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Help with useful top level navigation titles

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accessibility – Why did Windows add a pointer trail feature? – User …

So Windows has had, for a while now, a pointer trail feature under the visibility section. But that's something I don't understand. The pointer trail itself is extremely annoying, and seems to me that it conveys a "this is just a

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How do I handle duplicate content in the site structure?

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differentiating between groups of products that are very similar?

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September 2014 User Experience and Web Professional Events

Whether you're a user experience professional, designer, developer, programmer, project manager, content strategist, social media professional, or digital marketer, you'll find some events to interest you. It's impossible …

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Useful Personal Health Records – User Experience Magazine

In the Accessible Designs for Personal Health Records project, three organizations are working together to demonstrate that designing specifically for people with disabilities can lead to electronic Personal Health Records (PHR) that are not …

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Web accessibility: Educating librarians means empowering users …

Elsevier's Ted Gies, a UX expert, concurs. “Good design is accessible design,” says Ted, Principal User Experience Specialist and Accessibility Lead for Reed Elsevier. “When you take accessibility into consideration you build …

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Developing a Manifesto for Accessible UX | The Paciello Group …

This helped us to collectively understand the breadth and nature of the barriers that we face in trying to broaden awareness, understanding and responsibility for designing more accessible user experiences. Sharing an …

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Accessibility of linked DOC/DOCX files – User Experience Stack …

I am working on a site where the client wants to provide links to Microsoft Word Doc/Docx files. This is probably a bad idea for a number of reasons but from an accessibility standpoint, is this a good

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accessibility – Why is low contrast between active and inactive …

In what way does it provide an advantage for the end user's experience, or, put differently, how did it ever get back up to 0 points? For example, consider a fairly stock … Users don't have to…

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