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Building an archive of insights into our users

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accessibility – What is the correct tab-indexing for a log-in form with a …

I have a login form shown below, and I am trying to figure out the correct tabbing for it for the best accessibility and user-experience. This seems like a very common design,

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accessibility – Do all screens need headings? – User Experience …

In the case of HTML and especially when talking about accessibility concerns, where not all users browse the page visually, we should put the emphasis back on semantics. Your semantic hierarchy should then drive your …

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How to determine categorization for a large ecommerce catalogue

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Creating A Great User Experience With Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design and user experience. Much like solving a jigsaw … plays a vital role in its success. No matter the device used to access it, users should have a good experience with regard

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accessibility – TextBoxWatermarkExtender & Tooltip – User …

Im working on a website that needs to be accessible; I'm using tooltips but i was wondering if it is a good practice to use the AJAX TextBoxWatermarkExtender instead of the tooltip or is it better to use both? do screen readers actually read what …

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Speaking at a real conference in a virtual world | The '58 sound

Perhaps begin by explaining how much of the ICT and even the disability/accessibility advocacy world has often focused on “checklist accessibility” (and why), but you have

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How to communicate design from structure to visual design effectively?

In a city travel ticket booking mobile app, can ‘expected travel time from A to B’ be a crucial decision making piece of information for a user?

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Help with useful top level navigation titles